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Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared System Co., Ltd

2015 recruitment

★ Company profile

Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared System Co., Ltd is based on infrared, laser, optical system industry,specializing in the thermal infrared imager, laser range finder, infrared and visible light optical system technology research and product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, is the infrared and laser field scale a large, leading technology, has a high reputationin the international and domestic high-tech enterprises.

Company is located in the center area of Wuhan, Optics Valley of China, founded ten years, always adhere to technological innovation, to guide the development of excellent products to win marketpolicy, has successfully developed infrared dozens of models of superior performance, excellent quality, welcomed by the market as the instrument, laser rangefinder products. There are dozens of research achievements of the national or provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, more than ten has won the national patent. The infrared thermal imaging technology, laser technology, optical system design, optical processing technology and coating technology are the leading domestic level.

For foreign companies to carry forward the "loyalty, dedication, innovation, enterprising" is the core of the corporate culture, the establishment of a scientific and standardized, efficient operation of themanagement system, with advanced equipment, complete and perfect the scientific research and production conditions, a culture of solidarity and cooperation, young and energetic team. In recentyears, the performance of the company steadily increased year by year, and will maintain a good momentum of development.

Companies around the "construction of the leading domestic, international first-class infrared and laser high-tech enterprises" development goals, launched the "new industrial park construction, the listing of the company, a new round of talent introduction" three key projects. Among them, the new park "long ocean information of infrared and laser Industrial Park" construction project a project has been completed, the second half of the year will be put into use; listed company work is going smoothly; a new round of talent introduction project has also made positive progress, continue to optimize the structure of talent, talent team continued to grow. Welcome more young people to join the long ocean company.

Improve the company comfortable working environment and working conditions, high quality workforce, harmonious relationship, learning atmosphere, is the ideal choice for young peoplehappy, fast growth. The company provides high salary and good welfare for employees, in strict accordance with the "labor law" for the employees to buy five social insurance and one housing fund, to provide paid leave for employees, and provide free clothing, food, shelter, and otherbenefits for employees. The company regards the talented person for the development of theenterprises and employees, adhere to the concept of common development, warmly welcome a person with breadth of vision to join.

We sincerely welcome you to join us, join hands in creating a brilliant tomorrow.
Hubei Jiuzhiyang Infrared System Co., Ltd 2015 Recruitment Information
Who meet the recruitment requirements and interested candidates, please send your resume(electronic version of file name format for the "school - Professional - Education - employment direction") sent to the Ministry of human resources recruitment mailbox or paper materials by mail to the company. Contact details are as follows:
Contact information

Address: No.9 Mingze Road, Miaoshan Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, China

Zip code: 430223

Tel: 027-59706555

Contact: Li Fang Guan Ying



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