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The company is one of the earliest research and development manufacturers in the field of infrared and laser technology with a high-level research and development team about the areas of infrared, laser and optics. We have 216 employees in total, 121 employees have master degree or above, occupying 58.20% of the total number; 53 employees have middle or high level technician certificates, occupying 24.54% of the total number. We have a young personnel structure, and 28 of the employees have 5-10 years professional experience, and 54 of them have 10 years professional experience. They have very solid foundation in technologies, as most of them used to be in charge of or engage in developing new infrared and laser technologies or new products.

Human resource is the foundation of enterprise development. Our current human resource has high level education with appropriate proportion of professional and technical posts and young structure. We have strong capability of studying and innovation. Professional technicians have the most new knowledge, solid theory foundation, and rich working experience. Our company has obvious advantage of human resource in the industries of infrared and laser.

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