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1, JIUZHIYANG INFRARED SYSTEM CO., LTD talent infrared system
Respect, respect, respect for talent innovation value; respect creation is the core of respect is the essence of value, respect talents. We like persistence, effort and quick talent.

2, JIUZHIYANG INFRARED SYSTEM CO., LTD human resource management

(1)JIUZHIYANG INFRARED SYSTEM CO., LTD is not only concerned about the staff's performance, but also pay more attention to employees in the work process to enhance the ability of individuals;

(2) JIUZHIYANG INFRARED SYSTEM CO., LTD is a trusted family, where they offer their wisdom and sweat.

Everyone is very persistent in the pursuit of their own dreams, beyond the self every day.

Improvement of the company and comfortable working environment, working conditions, high quality workforce, harmonious relationship, learning atmosphere, is the ideal choice for young people, thegrowth of happy work. The company provides high salary and good welfare for employees, the company regards the talented person for the development of the enterprises and employees,adhere to the concept of common development, warmly welcome a person with breadth of vision to join.

Who meet the recruitment requirements and interested candidates, please send your resume(electronic version of file name format for the "school - Professional - Education - employment direction") sent to the Ministry of human resources recruitment mailbox or paper materials by mail to the company. Contact details are as follows:

Address: No.9 Mingze Road, Miaoshan Development Zone, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, China

Zip code: 430223

Tel: 027-59706555

Contact: Li Fang Guan Ying


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