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JIR-4232 Physical Thermoscope
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1.Identify individual with fever symptom among the crowd;
2.Alarm and photograph in real time for persons with fever to prevent infectious diseases from spreading, such as various types of flu and SARS.
3.Traditional medical diagnosis

Functional characteristics 
1.Non-contact temperature measurement
2.Accurate temperature measurement of a designated point 
3.Automatic search and lock-on of highest temperature point over a full screen 
4.Over-limit alarm, record of body temperature beyond the limit in    real time 
5.Two channels respectively for display of IR image and visible light image 
6.Easy operation and maintenance

Technical data 
1.Detector type: 384×288, uncooled FPA  
2.Spectral range: 8~12μm 
3.FOV:  20°×15°(or customer tailored)
4.Thermal sensitivity (NETD): <0.08℃@25℃
5.Operational distance: 0.5~50 m
6.Temperature pick-up range: 0~50℃
7.IR camera head weight: <2.5 kg
8.IR camera head dimension: 350mm×120mm×80mm
9.Image display: high resolution color LCD display
10.Video output: CCIR/PAL
11.Control and adjustment: image record and download; auto NUC; electric focusing; audio alarm

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