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JIR-1123A Hand-held Thermal Imager
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Night vision observation, rescue & search, patrol and surveillance

Functional characteristics
1.High mobility: small size, light weight, hand-held portability.
2.Multiple functions and controls: image display/record/download; image preview/delete; auto/manual NUC; auto/manual gain control; brightness control; positive/negative image display; electronic zooming 
3.High environment adaptability and reliability

Technical data 
 Detectors: 320×240 uncooled FPA 
 Spectral range: 8~12μm
 Lens: 65mm/F0.8 (customized)
 NETD:≤40mK @25℃
 Detection distance: ≥1.2 km against individual persons; 
                                ≥ 2.4 km against vehicles; 
                                ≥ 5 km against medium sized ships
 Focusing mode: manual 
 Video output: CCIR/LVDS
 Storage capacity: 1000 IR images (extendable) 
 Operation temperature: -30℃~+60℃
 Vibration resistance: as per GJB150 
 Packaging:  IP54
 Weight: ≤1.5 kg (with battery)
 Dimension(mm): 230×112×95
 Power supply: built-in battery ( continuous operation
                      time >4h), or external 6~9VDC power source 
 Electric interface: USB2.0  port  for image  download
 Mechanical interface:  Standard tripod thread interface

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