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The application of JIR-4233 system for forest fire prevention in the forest fire prevention net zone project

The Forest Park is located in the charm of the ice city of Southeast Changchun, a total area of 90 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate reached more than 80%, known as the "Changchun urban forest", "Asia's largest artificial Lin Hai". "Jingyue forest" of Changchun city as the "green core" and "lung" guardian, attaches great importance to forest fire prevention work. "Jingyue forest" on the one hand, strengthen the management system, strengthen propaganda, improve fire safety awareness, on the other hand, increase the introduction of modern fire technology. The forest fire prevention system as a kind of modern forest fire prevention technology, gradually pushed to the forest fire in Jingyue line.
Our company in 2010 by "Jingyue district forest fire prevention project" was launched, responsibility, forest fire alarm system for the work in the Jingyue Development Zone, for the period, I repeated communication and forest site personnel, specific requirements using a combination of forest, finally at the end of 2010 respectively in the Jingyue District South Hill, Gan Dashan Tannan and three observation points to complete the delivery and installation of JIR-4233 forest fire prevention system.
JIR-4233 observation of forest fire prevention system area of the delivery of the coverage of all the equipment in the Jingyuetan forest, the forest is still in use, stable and reliable performance, greatly reducing the fire alarm and fire (snow) manpower resource consumption. At present, the system has completely replaced the fire observation personnel Xunshan and long-term work left behind. The equipment in the Jingyue district is good to take up the task of forest fire, by the Jilin provincial government leadership, the leadership of the Changchun municipal government and the leadership of the office of Jingyue forest fire praise.
Our company will vigorously assist the forest fire prevention work, together with relevant departments in the northeast to most of the forest products covering the northeast the next few years, the formation of the overall natural protection district forest fire monitoring system of intelligent terminal platform. The forest fire prevention work throughout the country are highly valued, all my colleagues in my company will ensure a green ecological forest fire across the country, intelligent ecological management escort.

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