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JIR-33500 The security monitoring system is applied to the Moon Island security monitoring project


The island is located in the State Council planning planning of Bohai gold belt, is an important basein tourism and marine aquaculture, the island covers an area of 1750000 square meters, there are 12000 acres of green sea seafood breeding base, of which 7000 acres of shallow beach shellfishaquaculture area, 3000 acres of artificial reef aquaculture area have been cast seedling production, 2000 acres of sea cucumber ponds cofferdam. Such a large area, relatively scarce, theimportance of security monitoring, and the difficulty is more prominent. According to local conditions, local authorities made contact with our company, and put forward the relevant requirements for.

In 2014 January the company delivered to the region to meet the JIR-33500 requirements of thesecurity monitoring equipment. The equipment for my company independent research and development of domestic refrigeration type security monitoring equipment production pilot level products, can well adapt to the North sea environment, far monitoring distance, and has a clear picture of intrusion alarm system. Since its installation, the product achieved 24 hours a day and night unattended, on the one hand, for internal security, Island seafood safety management work ofsaving a lot of manpower, material consumption, create more profits for the island's tourism andmarine aquaculture; on the other hand, the work of the security monitoring the island to the intelligent information, further forward has played an effective role in promoting. At present, theequipment, the next step will be to achieve network monitoring, and strive to improve thecontribution to the security monitoring work of the island a powerful force.

The application of this type of product in the Rabbit Island has been the practice test, our company will be based on product vigorously develop new features, customer cooperation with differentsecurity areas, build security of the eye.

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