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JIR-33100 The security monitoring system used in Zhangzi Island security monitoring project

Dalian Zhangzidao in Changhai County, rich sea cucumber, abalone and other seafood Scallop in Shell, is the famous "Zhangzidao sea cucumber" origin, known as "Sea bank", "the Yellow Sea pearl" reputation. A number of important regional Zhangzidao sea cucumber breeding base and other seafood, so these areas of aquatic products safety and people's property security is extremely important. The local government and the seafood farming enterprises has also attached great importance to the security work of Zhangzi Island regional organization, the sea patrol officers regularly patrol, strengthen security awareness, to an important role in safety protection of the area of Zhangzi island. But simply rely on human inspection, security awareness of the consolidation, there are still many loopholes of protection, and sweat. The local government and the seafood aquaculture enterprises after repeated research with my company, insufficient use of modern security monitoring equipment to make up before work.
JIR-33100 security monitoring equipment in 2012 November I produced the successful delivery of Zhangzi Island, monitoring area covering all major regional aquaculture seafood island. 24 hours a day to achieve unattended monitoring of the products, and has automatic intrusion alarm system, can effectively identify suspicious objects into the surveillance area and timely alarm to notify the inspection staff, high alarm accuracy rate, good stability, greatly reduces the work intensity of sea patrol officers, by the local government and the seafood farming enterprises recognized. At present our company is to assist the local government and the seafood farming enterprises gradually promote the project, expected in the region will be built on the island of seafood safety and integrated security comprehensive control terminal platform, and strive to produce a responsibility for intelligent security management with the region.
Our company of this type of security monitoring products in Zhangzi Island also has been widely used in many fields of security monitoring, very good to complete the customer unit security monitoring task, has received the consistent high praise. Our company will provide a stable, reliable, feature rich products to secure the security monitoring for security monitoring, provide a safe for the majority of customer security monitoring.
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